Creating the Economy of the Future

To understand how Market Singapore is creating the economy of the future, it's important to understand the economy of the present.

In this day and age of bankruptcies and bailouts, what is the current economy? Get and education, get a good job, work hard, and hopefully be able to retire at some point in the future and live the good life. Somewhere along the way, achieve your hopes and dreams and establish yourself and your family possibly? However, how real is this? For most people they fail miserably at these goals and fail at achieving these things for themselves.

What is the Economy of the Future?

First, it would be one structured around the idea that these goals would be realistically achievable for the average person. It would be an economy based around helping the average individual earn the income they need to accomplish the things that they want for their life. Rather than individuals working for someone else and hoping that this other entity takes care of them, in the economy of the future, individuals work for themselves, they own their own destiny and they are the masters of crafting their own lifestyle. Rather than having their income capped by someone else's determination of their worth, or someone else's artificial evaluation of what their “time” is worth, instead, in the economy of the future, an individual's income is unlimited and is only “capped” by their own desire, their own willingness to do what it takes to make the income they want to achieve for the goals they've set out for themselves.

How do we craft the Economy of the Future?

Market Singapore and have created a unique business model which focuses on the individual and provides them a proven business model and the tools for each Shop Consultant to create wealth and abundance for themselves based on their hard work. As a product brokerage, Market Singapore and are in a position to move with market trends. Traditional manufacturers are tied to the product or service they've developed, however, as a product broker, we simply go out and find whatever products and services are hot right now, set up relationships to be the distribution channel for those products, and create a massive economic opportunity in the process. If the market shifts and something else becomes big, we simply build new relationships and adjust to the buying habits of consumers. By leveraging these paradigm shifts in marketing and customer acquisition, like being a Product Brokerage, One-to-One Marketing, Social Shopping, and building share of customer, rather than antiquated methods of manufacturing, mass marketing and traditional advertising, the Unfranchise Business Development System works to empower an individual to take charge of their financial future, and helps them work as a team, in conjunction with other Unfranchise Owners to create the Economy of the Future.