One-to-One Marketing

When companies first began marketing products and services to a mass consumer base, it was a very one-sided process. Businesses would use tactics to try and persuade the largest number of people possible to buy their brands rather than identify and provide what consumers actually wanted.

As times changed, so did the means of reaching new markets. Whereas direct mail, catalogues, and other forms of mass advertising may have worked in the past, they were losing effectiveness in the face of an emerging individualistic society. Consumer demands began to change. People didn't want to wade through a multitude of marketing messages that didn't apply to their unique situations.

A new era had arrived where consumers only wanted to be exposed to promotions that spoke directly to their current interests, likes, wants and needs. They wanted to be treated as individuals. This was the catalyst that sparked the notion of One-to-One Marketing.

One-to-One Marketing allows Market Singapore to always have a finger on the pulse of the marketplace through an expansive global network of UnFranchise Business Owners. Each UnFranchise Business Owner is able to build personal relationships with a core group of customers, learn about each one's specific needs, and then fulfil those needs. This helps the UnFranchise Business Owner establish lifetime value with every customer.

Essentially, the One-to-One Marketing component of Market Singapore's business model restores personalised customer service on a global scale.