Product Quality Control

Market America believes that quality must be built into every product as a design requirement.

Market America believes that quality must be built into every product as a design requirement. Therefore, the company's quality control process is critical, involving dedicated scientists, strategic relationships with manufacturers, and a rock-solid commitment to customers. Product excellence is more than one department or a single step in development — quality involves every individual at Market America and all stages of the process are monitored, from product concept to manufacturing and delivery.

It starts with the ingredients, which are sourced from only the most-trustworthy suppliers that have the clinical studies and research backing up their application in a formulation. Ingredients of natural sources, such as grape seed extract and bilberry, are checked for the presence of trace contaminants like pesticides and heavy metals. Other ingredients are from synthetic or man-made sources, thus eliminating concerns of allergens and microbial contamination such as salmonella and E. coli.

As a product broker, not a manufacturer, Market America acts as an independent quality inspector between the manufacturer and the customer. If something isn't right, it's returned to the manufacturer for replacement. Every product is scientifically engineered and must be manufactured consistently with regard to purity, performance, strength and uniformity.

Market America's world headquarters in Greensboro, N.C. has an excellent in-house laboratory with ever-expanding capabilities that can perform such testing as microbiological contamination, isotonic range, presence of gluten allergens, pH, microscopic analysis and spectroscopic analysis. Every shipment received into the warehouse must be inspected and approved before it can go onto the shelf.