Social Shopping

In this day and age, people live more hectic lives than ever. Advances in technology certainly help to accomplish more throughout the day, but in turn, people have become dependent on it. Technology has enabled the Internet to be accessible anytime, anywhere — providing everything from entertainment like games and movies down to necessities like checking the weather, shopping and even basic communication.

Just take social networks, for example. Social networks are quickly becoming the predominant means to stay connected with friends and family on a day-to-day basis. Sites like Facebook and Twitter allow users to get a quick glimpse into the lives of all those who they care to know about. But that's just the beginning.

Social networks are used to ask questions, listen, share deals and favourite products, and so much more. As a result, retail recommendations have been folded into everyday living. This is Social Shopping at its core. Simply put, Social Shopping combines ecommerce with social networking. More and more customers are shopping directly through social networks, and with Market Singapore's consistent innovation and tremendous effort, UnFranchise Business Owners are in perfect position to capitalise on this trend.

Set up for success

To help UnFranchise Business Owners build momentum and fully harness the power of Social Shopping, Market Singapore has developed some cutting-edge tools that integrate with Facebook.

While other companies are trying to build social networking into their shopping sites, Market Singapore has taken an opposite approach, bringing to social media through integrated social shopping.

On social networks, there is a wealth of information. People tell more about themselves than they would ever reveal on a shopping site. There is so much interactivity going back and forth between people — their likes, their dislikes, their wants, their emotional experiences, how they are feeling at the moment and what they experienced throughout the day.

As Market Singapore remains fully committed to leading the Social Shopping revolution, there will certainly be more exciting tools to come!